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What is Integrative Weight Loss?

Our Integrative Weight Loss program is a comprehensive 3+ month plan, proven to assist with 15% of excess weight in obese patients. Our integrative treatment approach is a tailored patient specific plan including lifestyle management, meal plans, IV therapy, weekly check-ins, continuous communication through our messaging app and medications formulated to expedite your weight loss journey!

Weight Loss Clinic patient with provider

Aquarian Clinic Believes In Continuous Care.

Membership as a Direct Primary Care patient is required to start our weight loss program, and your initial visit is spent outlining the program, running crucial lab work, assessing your overall health, and building a plan custom for each patient. Weight loss isn’t a one size fits all journey, and our practitioners often find the best results from the management of lifestyle, hormones, and the application of industry leading medications.

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say

Owner/Founder Taylor Ann Drew and Patient, Crystal Dunkle sit down to talk about her experience as a patient and her success in losing 100lbs (and counting) in our Integrative Weight Loss program!

Considering Integrative Weight Loss? Let’s chat!

Learn everything you need to know about our Weight Loss Program in a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with an Aquarian team member.

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