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Frequently Asked Questions

1 | What are the benefits of an Aquarian Clinic membership?

One word... ACCESS

An Aquarian Clinic provider is there when you need them.

You get unlimited office visits at no additional charge—and they'll be as long as you need.


Typically, you will be able to book a next-day appointment, directly through our website. Additionally, we have a limited amount of same-day availability for acute needs. Check with your practitioner via your patient portal for same-day availability.


Simple diagnostics (e.g. strep tests) and blood tests may be performed in office for a small additional charge (or no charge at all). If you need a specialist we partner with Thea Health who can review your charts at no additional cost as an Aquarian Clinic patient. For hands-on specialist care we can refer out to to local or in-network specialists at patient/practitioner discretion.

2 | Does the subscription cost model really save money?

The typical monthly fee ($89/month) is about as much as your cell phone bill. That's a small price to pay for a level of care you literally cannot get anywhere else.


Let's go over some common scenarios where a subscription based membership can save you money.

1. You're taking multiple medications:

If you're taking multiple medications and paying with insurance for all of them, your co-pays are probably stacking up. Aquarian Clinic frequently dispenses common medications directly from our office.  Convenient and purchased at wholesale prices with savings passed on to you.​

2. You have a minor injury:

If you get in a minor accident, need stitches, or require urgent medical care of any sort you will probably go to an urgent care or the emergency room. In the best case scenario, the urgent care center is in your insurance network and you pay a high co-pay—up to $100 or $250.00 in some cases. As a member of Aquarian Clinic, you have direct access to your provider through a HIPAA compliant texting app to reach them for urgent care and at no additional office visit cost.​

3. You're overpaying for insurance.:

If you are on an insurance plan named after a precious metal, you might be paying too much. As an Aquarian Clinic member the majority of your healthcare will be taken care of by your provider. All standard care, wound treatment, blood work, preventative screens, and physicals will either be included in your membership or provided at a fair price.  If Aquarian Clinic is not equipped to deal with a medical issue, that means it is serious. And if it is serious, then you will very likely hit your out-of-pocket maximum (OOP) which means insurance is covering the cost.

4. You care about your health:

Aquarian Clinic is more than health care, it is preventative wellness. You do not have to be rich to have a personal medical practitioner who provides continuous care,  keeps track of preventative screenings, advises on your diet and lifestyle and actually cares about you, the person.

3 | Do I still need insurance as a direct primary care patient?

Yes, Aquarian Clinic is not insurance. You will still need insurance for hospitalization or illness (such as cancer or major accident). However, you can reduce your insurance coverage because your primary care is covered by your membership to Aquarianc Clinic, Inc. Consider a “high deductable” catastrophic plan. If you do not have insurance, we can put you in contact with our local insurance broker.

4 |  Do you see patients with Medicare?

Yes! We can see patients with Medicare, on a cash basis, but we are unable to bill medicare.

5 |  Do you care for pregnant or expecting patients? 

We do provide primary care to expectant patients (such as bloodwork, labs, rapid FLU tests, and EKGs) in conjunction with your chosen OBGYN (who must be seen for pregnancy specific treatment). We can also provide recommendations to a Midwifery we partner with.

6 |  Is there a wait time? 

Patients have the ability to schedule their own appointment times on their patient portal, which allows the practitioners to spend ample time with each patient so there is minimal wait time!

7 |  Can I pause my membership?

Yes, there is no minimum commitment to your membership. Give us a call at the office and we can pause your membership until you’re ready to come back.

8 | Do you accept patients of all ages?

Yes, we can accept patients of all ages. For patients under 18, we provide care for :

  • Minor acute injuries (stitches, sprains/strains, minor wound care)

  • Sick visits (strep/flu/mono/covid tests)

  • School/sport physicals

  • Vaccines: influenza/Flu

  • We do not track milestone exams, primary immunizations, infant or natal care. For this we recommend seeing your family pediatrician as they are specialized.

9 | What if i'm out of town? Can I make a virtual appointment? 

If you are planning to travel out of town, you have the convenience of accessing your patient portal to request medication refills before your trip. As part of your membership, we provide a HIPAA compliant texting app at no extra cost, which our practitioners use to communicate with patients. Through this app, you can securely share medical information, capture and send photos, and consult with your healthcare providers.

In many instances, we offer virtual or phone consultations to address your inquiries, review lab results, and make certain diagnoses. Additionally, we can electronically prescribe antibiotics, inhalers, or medications for chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension when appropriate."

10 |Do you prescribe medications? 

Yes. As a member at Aquarian Clinic, you have access to your portal to request refills at your leisure and to your pharmacy of choice. We do not carry scheduled substances (such as stimulants or pain medications). Following in-person evaluation we do prescribe certain controlled substances for you to pick up at your pharmacy as allowed by the state of Florida.

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