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Violet Avedissian Youn

UltraSlim Rx Specialist | Tallahassee

Introducing Violet, the newest addition to the Aquarian Family! Her journey began as a patient with us, proudly losing over 60 lbs with our weight loss program!

Specializing as an UltraSlim Rx expert, she established her residence in Tallahassee in 2021. She proudly obtained her Estheticians License from Wiregrass, Georgia Technical College. However, Violet is far from your typical skincare expert—she is deeply immersed in the world of light therapy as well!

She serves as your go-to authority for comprehensive insights on ingredients, evidence-based treatments, and holds official certification for skin care and lymphatic drainage procedures. With an impressive four-year tenure at Sephora, Violet skillfully played matchmaker, assisting individuals in discovering their perfect skincare regimens based on their concerns and unique needs. Her journey began with the transformative effects of Korean products, igniting a passion to share love, confidence, and skincare expertise as your dedicated Aesthetician, which led to the opening of her own skin care company, The Gentle Aesthetician.

Beyond her professional expertise, Violet is a self-proclaimed travel enthusiast, bringing the warmth of Los Angeles alongside her diverse Mexican, Armenian, and Arab heritage. With a talent for country-hopping and culinary mastery, Violet adds a unique flair to her professional profile.

Dreaming big is a common theme for Violet. Over the next two years, she is committed to achieving CIDESCO certification, aiming to elevate her skills and make a significant impact in the skincare industry. 


The Gentle Aesthetician

Violet Avedissian Youn
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