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Traylor Roberts

Chief Experience Officer

Traylor could easily be described as one of the “most interesting men” in the world. Although born and raised in Tallahassee, Traylor sought his BS in Music Business from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida graduating Magna Cum Laude. Taking his music degree as a sound engineer, he began work not just with the United States Military, but in Okinawa, Japan. Travelling halfway across the world, being exposed to different cultures, backgrounds and people shaped his appreciation and passion for the cultures, and people of the world. 

Although Traylor had hoped to remain in Japan, he returned to the United States and settled in his home of Tallahassee. He immediately began working in sales, management and later scaling/training/implementation of Lucky Goat Coffee Company locations. 

This exposure allowed Traylor to see how a small business can grow a point-to-point sales system, white label different systems for startup businesses, scale effectively for growth, and make a killer cup of coffee. (All lessons he has brought to Aquarian.)

Traylor helped found and manage Hummingbird Wine Bar. Here he immersed himself in the Wine culture quickly, rising to a well-seasoned sommelier (WSET 2, level 3 in progress). Traylor with a scrappy team of three (3) members grew a start-up wine bar with a 750sqft floor plan, in the middle of a pandemic to almost 1mil in sales after one year.

In 2021, after two challenging but incredibly successful years, Traylor was ready for a new chapter and was approached to become part of the Aquarian Team. In the fall of 2021 Traylor started as Director of Sales, where his experience and communication skills greatly contributed to our unrivaled practice growth in the DPC market. 

Traylor is Adobe Suite, CRM Marketing/Zoominfo, and Logic X proficient/certified, and quickly assimilated as in house “CTO/UI Designer” for Aquarian as we built our proprietary app and implemented the tech systems which separate Aquarian Clinic from other direct primary care clinics.

Traylor’s passion for Aquarian’s members, patient friendly tech systems, and increasing patient/provider access lead to a seamless creation of Director of Client Engagement specifically for the talents Traylor possesses. 

Whether it’s Aquarian Clinic Members, or the Aquarian Clinic Team, both are fortunate to have the talents of Traylor working to make the experience accessible and seamless. - John Kenny, CEO

Traylor Roberts
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