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Travis Williams, APRN

Practitioner | Tallahassee

Travis’ experience in the field of medicine is extraordinary. In 2006, Travis began working as an Emergency room Paramedic in Idaho. In this capacity, he was working to triage patients who were at their most critical and managing the stress level of patients in crisis. After five (5) challenging years as a Paramedic, Travis obtained his RN and began handling ICU and cardiovascular patients at Portneuf Medical Center in Idaho. On a daily basis, Travis was assessing the critical care of patients, addressing urgent medical regiments, and assisting with the timely care of patients after major surgery or trauma.

Over the next few years, Travis moved from the ICU to assist mentally ill patients at the State Hospital South, in Idaho. These patients were obviously distressed and in need of significant medical and mental health care where Travis learned that the care of patients was not just physical, but understanding the mental health of patients mattered as well.

From 2013 - 2014 Travis worked with the prestigious Pocatello Cardiology Center. Travis’ primary job, alongside the cardiologist, was to care for patients in a specialized outpatient clinical center. Shortly thereafter he was brought back to the ICU floor due to his incredible ability to assist patients who were at their most stressed. After almost two years on the ICU floor, Travis worked with home health. Because Travis had put in “tours” as a paramedic, on the ICU floor (2x), working with the mentally ill, Travis took his wealth of knowledge into the home of patients to provide them a level of care they had not yet experienced. Home health care led Travis to try primary care and begin providing “whole health” to his patients.

Travis began working as a nurse practitioner for Transitions Primary Care in 2017. Whether at the office or in the home Travis was treating patients for preventative, primary, and urgent care. The difference he was making not just medically in the lives of his patients but in the quality of his patient’s lives was immediate and obvious. So much so, Travis decided to open his own practice, Aurora Medical, in 2019. At Aurora Medical, Travis was able to handle all his patient's primary care, order and manage labs, medications, and diagnoses. In other words, to practice the medicine he had always wanted to practice. Of course, being the owner meant additional demands which took away from his passion to provide the medical care he was capable of and his patients deserved.

In the fall of 2021, what began as simple correspondence between Travis and one of our founders on how to provide that level of team-based care that had been missing from being the only employee at a business, led to the conclusion by Travis that he was indeed missing that team behind the provider. In February 2022 Travis relocated to Tallahassee, Florida, and began full-time with Aquarian. With the support of the Aquarian Team, Travis can provide a higher level of care with even better outcomes for his patients.

Travis Williams, APRN
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