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Shane Grindle, APRN

Founder/Peptide Specialist/HRT Consultant | Jacksonville

As a co-founder of Aquarian Clinic Jacksonville, Shane is passionate about delivering a better patient experience. The desire is personal for Shane who is not only a Navy Veteran himself but worked in the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville with active-duty servicemen, veterans, and family members. It was in the Naval Hospital that Shane witnessed first-hand the desperate medical needs of patients which were being unmet by an overburdened, broken system.

Frustration from the broken system is what drove Shane to open his own clinic with IMG, Internal Medical Group, and provide primary care as a subscription-based healthcare model. IMG was an immediate success and even began offering additional services such as proprietary weight loss and BHRT programs. However, Shane also realized alone he was only capable of reaching so many patients and growing so big. He needed a partner. He needed a team.

Aquarian Clinic Jacksonville takes all of Shane’s passion and channels it through high-tech systems designed to serve the member first. Through HIPAA-compliant messaging for direct access to the provider for continuous care and an electronic medical record system (CERBO), which allows for an intuitive interface with the member and full access by the provider, continuous care is possible. The member can quickly re-order prescriptions, schedule appointments, and check records. Most importantly, all of these can be found in Aquarian Clinic’s own app (found in the App Store) for easy download and use. Making the experience-centric around the member and not allowing for any gaps in the care is the critical role of the team.

Aquarian Clinic allows Shane to implement functional medicine by providing unlimited primary, preventative and urgent care, all for a low monthly cost which is less than a tank of gas. The future of primary care medicine is Aquarian Clinic’s innovative subscription-based model and team. Shane is leading that change.

Shane Grindle, APRN
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