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Sarah Oeschger

Operations Administrator | Tallahassee

Despite being one of the newest members of the Aquarian family, she is the first one who will greet you as you enter our clinic and often the last before you depart. Sarah provides the white glove service which defines Aquarian Clinic and is behind much of the day-to-day operations.

Sarah began her Aquarian Clinic journey as a patient and witnessed first hand the "better healthcare for less" experience from the Aquarian Clinic family of providers and staff. In addition, her background in customer service has ingrained in her the critical understanding of what patients are looking for. Listening to our members and meeting their needs. Optimizing provider and patient communication to facilitate the ideal direct primary care environment is her goal.

Sarah is Canadian-born and has an incredibly diverse educational background. She has a Bachelor’s from Florida International University, graduating summa cum laude in Anthropology and forensics. She is a certified Firefighter and has technical certification in emergency medicine. A really unique tidbit is Sarah was employed as a teaching assistant at Florida International Universities Small Metal and Fine Jewelry Fabrication Program. She ultimately displayed a collection at the Rubell Museum in Miami, Florida.

Sarah Oeschger
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