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Maggie Willman-Wright

Marketing Director

Maggie began marketing, along with social media content creation, and management the way so many small businesses do, she owned her own small business. Through a combined, effort of real-world experience along with Art School credentials, she put her knowledge to power and started to create content, build websites and platforms that attracted visitors, and established a digital presence at the beginning of the social media age. All of this while running her own business in Tallahassee. What she learned in the process was that she loved creating customer connections through visual storytelling.

Since closing her business and becoming a full-time social media and digital marketer, Maggie has been in constant demand. From working with retail brands like Adidas to freelancing with multiple Tallahassee based businesses she has built a reputation for creating an authentic narrative of the service or product at hand. Indeed, her work prior to joining Aquarian Clinic which made the biggest splash was with the local legendary micro business, Lucy & Leo’s Bakery.

At Lucy & Leo’s, she not only was a full-time baker, but she helped build the company website, created and managed all the social media marketing content, and collaborated with the team to develop both a voice and a strategy for curating the company’s image, both online and in the community. Maggie has continued to excel while managing not just the social media content for Aquarian Clinic, but the entire marketing strategy. All social media, as well as print media, is created and directed by Maggie with her vision. She is relentless in creating content that helps you to understand better, the systems of Aquarian Clinic and the benefits of our membership.

Maggie is currently living in Philadelphia with her wife and continues to pursue her artistic talents when not curating the evolving image of Aquarian Clinic.

Maggie Willman-Wright
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