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Joseph Zarraga, D.O.

CMO | Aquarian Clinic

Dr. Joseph Zarraga has spent his entire life in medicine. Throughout his youth he was helping his parents run a traditional primary care practice in Delaware, where they both continue to practice as Internal Medicine physicians. With this unique perspective, Dr. Zarrage became acutely aware of the issues that plague a majority of these practices. Countless hours spent fighting with insurance companies and medical red tape; this meant less time spent caring for their thousands of patients. 

Those same frustrations drove Dr. Zarraga to pursue medical school in hopes of finding better ways to deliver more effective and passionate care to his patients. He graduated from the University of Delaware with honors in 2014 and then completed medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2018. After completing Internship and Residency at the Crozer Chester Medical Center outside of Philadelphia in 2021, he relocated to Tallahassee to focus his practice. 

Dr. Zarraga currently practices Emergency Medicine and is the Assistant Director of the Emergency Department at HCA Florida Capital Hospital. With a passion for caring for patients in and outside of the hospital, he was the perfect fit to became Medical Director for the Aquarian Clinic. This position allows Dr. Zarraga to focus on improving accessibility and quality primary care medicine to patients.

Dr. Zarraga has also has a specialized interest in BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) after witnessing first hand the relief it can provide for a multitude of issues. Dr. Zarraga will directly oversee this aspect of the clinic.

Having Dr. Zarraga at the practice brings a level of expertise that enhances the experience that members have at the Aquarian Clinic.

Joseph Zarraga, D.O.
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