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Honor Garrett

UltraSlim Rx Specialist/Certified Life Coach | Tallahassee

Meet Honor Garrett. Honor is the newest addition to Aquarian Clinic as our expert technician for UltraSlim Rx Weight Loss and Red Light Therapy. She comes to Aquarian with a passion for the blending of cutting-edge science and holistic medicine. Honor expressed it best when she said, “Whenever you can treat a patient in a holistic, non-evasive, and effective way, the body can begin to heal without side effects. I am so excited to treat patients with red light therapy because I continue to see amazing results every time.”

Honor brings to the Aquarian Clinic team a health, life, and mindset coach. She specializes in mindset mastery with certifications in Health Coaching, NLP, the Transformational Coaching Method, Life Coaching, EFT, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki Energy Healing. In addition, Honor enjoys speaking to business and community groups on the topics of Wellness, Leadership, and Stress Reduction. She has experience working for a functional medicine and kinesiology practitioner in Easton, PA.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Honor started her career as a sports reporter for an ABC affiliate in San Antonio, TX. Married to a college and NFL football coach, John Garrett, and more importantly as a Mother of four amazing and now adult children, Honor has moved around the country 14 times. Recently, Tallahassee has been fortunate enough to call her home when her husband John was hired by FSU football.

With her love of people, Honor has been active with The Children’s Home of Tampa, Florida, The One Heart Project for at-risk and juvenile offenders in Dallas, TX,  and the Train Up First (TUF) Life skills program in Tampa, Florida.

Honor Garrett
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